ExclamationGPT Beta

A GPT-4 Discord bot that doesn't just search the internet, but USES it.

Create or Fund Profile Discord

ChatGPT ❌ ExclamationGPT ✅

ExclamationGPT can use APIs, crawl specific websites, summarize articles, answer questions about webpages, modify API queries based on user prompts, and so much more! You may use any APIs you want, for inspiration, here is a list of free public APIs.

Prefix with !!! for GPT-3.5 or !!!! for GPT-4

Step 1. Fund Account
Reminder: $2 is NOTHING in this economy, just fork it over.

Note: $2 takes you a LONG way, each message is typically around one cent.

Step 2. Join the Discord server (Or add the bot to your own server here)

Step 3. If this is your first time using the bot, DM it your email address with !!!setup, this will pair your Discord with your email.

You can always check how many funds you have left using !!!funds.

ENJOY!!! <3